13 May, 2010

shop: summer sandals

If you are anything like me then you have to have all sorts of sandal options to pair with your spring/summer wardrobe. They must range from simple and dainty to bulky and complex. Sandals are the one item in my closet that I must have a wide color variety of. I want to have a pair for all my different skirts and dresses, but also I feel that shoes are a way to lighten up my dark color palette. This seasons selection of sandals are hardly simple and I am loving it. I tend to veer towards big and gaudy when it comes to my shoes. These sandals below are on my "to get" list and I will be checking them off one pair at a time.

Rag + Bone Farringdon Sandal $298

Rag + Bone Farringdon II Sandal $235

Matt Benson The Sherpa Buttermilk $168

Promised Strappy Sandal $132

Sophie Sandal $98

Just wondering... when did sandals get to be so darn expensive. I don't consider myself to be cheap when it comes to shoes, but geese. It's crazy what people pay to be fabulous. I am one of them though.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!! I must say, you've comprised a lovely list here (with my favorite being the Sherpa Buttermilk sandals). Oh how I would love to wear those around!

  2. Nice fall sandal collection. Very beautiful to see the shoes. Wonderful, standard and fashionable. Preferable to all. Color and designs of the fall sandel are perfect. nice combination . Hoping to have like this.