04 May, 2010

Eat: Langer's Deli

I went and met my food guru yesterday for lunch downtown. He had been telling me about Langer's for the longest time, but for some reason we just never made it there until yesterday. Langer's is a Los Angeles landmark and has been around since 1947. On their website they claim "the world's best pastrami" and so of course I had to order the famous # 19.

It was so full of flavor from top to bottom. The pastrami was tender and mouthwatering, the coleslaw was ideally dressed and crunchy and the rye bread had the perfect thickness and the flavor matched the rest of the sandwich. It was definitely the best pastrami I have ever had.

The restaurant itself still has it's original charm. It has counter seating and of course had a wait. The booths are the same as they were when it opened and the waitresses are adorable older women who, I would guess, have been there for a while. If you haven't been to Langer's yet or on your next trip to LA, this landmark is a must. I promise it will not disappoint.

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