10 May, 2010

Eat: Dinah's Fried Chicken

I look forward to the second Sunday of every month all month long. It is like a monthly holiday for me. It is the perfect day for two reasons: 1. the Rose Bowl flea market and 2. going to a new delicious restaurant with my foodie guru. Yesterday we veered from our usual brunch and went for fried chicken. Now, I am not a huge fried chicken fan. The grease freaks me out and there is no hiding that it in no way is it good for you, but I figured I'd branch out and give it a whirl. When the guru tells you it's amazing, you don't ask questions you just go. And so we went to Dinah's Chicken in Glendale. It is a little restaurant that probably seats 25 at most. It is very old school as you can tell by the sign above. They do a lot of take out and from what the guru says, the line can be wrapped around the restaurant.

We had no problem getting a seat and so we ordered fried chicken of course. I decided to go with mashed potatoes and macaroni salad for my sides. You get a roll as well that you spread their homemade apple butter over. The chicken batter was so flavorful and perfectly seasoned. I will say that it was better than any fried chicken I had when I was in the South. The sides were good (definitely not great), but the chicken was well worth it. My chicken was perfectly fried and so crispy. When all the meat was gone I was just picking at the skin.

The service was great and our server friendly. The decor of the small restaurant was country and warm. One would easily be able to spot that they have kept much of the original look. There was a small pie fridge on display filled with fruit and cream pies that are made in house. Dinah's reminded me of being young and going to old diners with my Mom. If ever you are craving fried chicken and don't mind the adventure, I recommend giving Dinah's Chicken a go. It is well worth it.

(My server didn't understand why I wanted to take a picture of the chicken bucket. She laughed at me actually. I just had to capture that Dinah's still has it's original charm somehow).

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  1. There's a Dinah's in Culver City, too! My boyfriend works near the restaurant, and he swears they add rose water to their chicken! I've yet to try it, but now I think I have to :) Thanks for the great post!