20 May, 2010

Eat: Quest for the Best Burger in LA

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to embark on a quest to find the best burger in Los Angeles. I am a total burger girl and while I'd love to and have been a vegetarian I just crave burgers. The funny and ironic thing is is that one of my daily blog reads (Eaterla.com) posted that it is national burger month and there is a poll on facebook for the best burger in LA. Well, I am gonna visit some of these places and test them out for myself and let you all know my personal experience with them.

Last night I went to the first contender: The Counter.

I had been there once before with my boyfriend and only had the sliders (we were on our way to dinner and were so hungry that we couldn't wait). I think it is quite easy to make a good slider; they are small and compact so all the juices and flavors are kept in. Now to make a great burger, in my opinion, is a lot harder. The cool thing about The Counter is that you get to build your own burger from top to bottom.

They have tons of options to choose from, which I appreciate cause I am a picky eater. They also have sweet potato fries; my favorite! Anyhow, our burgers came and after I took some photos I dove in. I was a bit disappointed. The grilled onions were soggy and the meat was dry. The bun tasted like it was a couple of days old and the dressing was a bit flavorless. I was surprised because the sliders I had before were great and I hoped the burger would be the same.

The fries were delicious and cooked just right, but seeing as I am searching for the best burger they aren't a part of my decision. I do have to say though that in order to truly appreciate a burger, I need to have perfectly cooked and seasoned fries.

I was a bit disappointed, but it wasn't a completely awful burger. It just wasn't great. I definitely wouldn't put it in my top 3 best burgers and so The Counter is out.


  1. i have been wanting to try the corner! heard great thing. check out my post on dtown burger bar...you might like!


  2. those fries look super good!

    Following your blog! please check out mine too when you get a chance, hope you follow back : )