30 April, 2010

Shop: Army Jackets

I love flea marketing. It is what I look forward to all week. Living in LA I have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to flea markets. The one I look forward to most all month long though is the Rose Bowl flea market which is only once a month. Though, now the flea marketing is becoming a "cool" thing to do they seem to be expanding flea markets. There is now one opening June 21st at Dodger Stadium, which of course I will definitely be at.

One item that is largely popular at the Rose Bowl is army jackets. I found an army jacket there almost 2 years ago and it is a staple item in my wardrobe. Needless to say that the new wave and varied options of army jackets out in stores now make me so giddy. I have my eye on a couple different styles of them:

J. Crew's Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket $148

SMYTHE Summer Surplus Jacket$650

Theor Cotton/Linen Twill Jacket $315

In The Trenches Jacket $108

Or for a very cheap option do what I did and buy an authentic army jacket from a flea market or vintage store and get it fitted to your body type. I paid a large $15 for mine and it is as good as the above jackets. Though of course the shopper in me wants options when it comes to my army jackets.


  1. I am been lusting over army jackets.. Unfortunately my curvy body just makes them look like a balloon! You should post a picture of your's =)

  2. I have no doubt that you could find one that would suit your curvy body beautifully. There are so many different silhouettes out there. I will try and find a picture of me with mine and I'll post it.

  3. Oh wow, I want that jcrew jacket so bad!!! loving army green right now...