14 April, 2010

5¢ Diner

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I could eat breakfast foods for all 3 meals of my day. I feel that finding amazing breakfast spots in Los Angeles is actually a difficult task believe it or not. I mean there are a multitude of restaurants to choose from, but not many that I walk away from being blown away. I have been finding lately that the best breakfast is served at the little gems tucked away in different parts of my big city. The most recent being the 5¢ Diner in downtown. My foodie guru took me there last Sunday after a morning of blissfully wandering around the Rose Bowl flea Market. We started our brunch with a bacon maple glazed donut and a homemade strawberry pop tart. The donut was the best donut I have ever had and the pop tart has rekindled my adornment for the flakey pastry and showed me what a real pop tart should taste like.

After our filling appetizers I order a chicken sausage, goat cheese and roasted tomato scramble. The tomatoes were the best tomatoes that I have had since Greece (those of you who have been to Greece know what I am talking about). They were filled with so much flavor and the heat only emphasized the great taste. I didn't want to stop eating it was so good. My guru had a BBQ pulled pork hash and it was phenomenal as well. I am not a pork girl and I had a bit of it and it was mouthwatering.

Because it had been featured on the Food Network a couple of weeks back the wait was about 20 minutes and well worth every minute. I have not been able to stop talking about it to anyone who will listen. They have 5 different donuts to choose from; 1 being a red velvet donut. They also have a variety of other pastries. This gem is a must for anyone who enjoys great food and pastries.

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  1. Just wrote this place down in my "List of places to eat" section of my iPhone ;) Looking so amazing! Now I want breakfast! :)